Great press for The Long Fight + my favorite music of the year

We had a great record release show at York Street Cafe last month. Thanks to all who joined and made it a phenomenal night. We’ve gotten some great press for the record so far — check out Mike Breen’s fantastic review in CityBeat and Jim Nolan’s thoughtful interview at WVXU. We’ll have photos and more press up soon.

In the meantime, check out my annual list of my favorite music of the year. Let me know if you find something new to dig. Check out the Spotify playlist, too!

Happy holidays — we’ll see you soon.
– Dave

Please Allow Us To (Re)Introduce Ourselves

Pike 27 by Jude Mecher

Pike 27 by Jude Mecher

Bands change lineups like the trees change leaves. goes Brian Jones, in comes Mick Taylor. See ya, David Lee — welcome, Sammy. The Spice Girls continued on without Ginger Spice! Pike 27 may have carved out a small corner of Cincinnati music history by…having the lead singer fire himself just as the new record is done?

Long story short: although Dave Purcell has always sang and played guitar in Pike 27, he fell back in love with drums, his original instrument, just as he fell out of love with singing. He approached Dave Killen about moving from drums to guitar, but Dave saw this as a good time to focus on finishing his Master’s degree and offered to move on. Now what?

Enter singer/songwriter/guitarist Dan Mecher, formerly of The Turnbull ACs, Denial, and many fab courtyard sets at Neon’s. The seeds were planted when Dan opened for us at the Listing Loon a couple of years back: he joined us on some of our songs, we backed him on his, hugs were exchanged, and everyone drank too much and had a lovely time. When Dave P. approached Dan with a typically long-winded explanation of the situation, Dan simply texted back, “I’m in.”

Dan sings most of our songs, and Dave P. still sings a few from behind the kit. We’re doing Dan’s songs, too. We still sound like Pike 27. Dave K. is staying in the extended family to sit in the many stringed instruments he plays.

We’ve played a few low-key gigs with Dan, Friday, Oct. 13 is our official coming-out party. You can do your part by coming out, too (#seewhatwedidthere?).

We haven’t had time to get a new band photo yet, so please adore the artistic interpretation by Jude Mecher. Thanks for listening. Hope to see you Friday.
— Pike 27 v4.0

P.S. RIP, Tom Petty.